Childish: Best Description of Bersih's Joke on Wrong Address

Childish. Best description of Bersih's joke on wrong address. -->>

Childish. That's at best to describe Bersih's attitude when it comes to its reluctance to pay the clean up bill and their subsequent mocking about the wrong address for service.

Bersih insisted they would clean up their mess before leaving the venue of demonstration. That's a lie. I have photos showing Bersih's heaps of rubbish and the clean up job done by Alam Flora's personnel.

Not only Bersih failed to clean up after their mess, they also failed to prevent their supporters from urinating everywhere, showing their disregard for public cleanliness and decency. I had to instruct Alam Flora to double up their effort to clean up the urine stench to avoid ruining the comfort of Malaysians who went to Merdeka parade the next day.

To add to their childish and imbecilic antic, Bersih now made fun of the wrong address incident when my officer tried to deliver the clean up bill.

The address of Bersih 2.0 as stated in the official Facebook is 13, Lorong 4/48e, Petaling Jaya.

My officers went to the right location, but unfortunately since Bersih 2.0 did not put up any signage indicating which house was their office, my officers mistakenly took the house which was immediately next to Bersih 2.0 office as the address (refer to the attached photo).

The mistake could have happened to anyone. It was an honest and simple mistake and my officer had explained the error in his twitter account on the day it happened. The wrong house is not on different road or other part of Petaling Jaya. It is the house immediately to the right of Bersih's office.

After realizing the mistake, my officers went again and this time they went to the correct house. To their dismay, even the correct house looked deserted! No one was around to receive the bill.

Rest assured that I won't be intimated by Bersih 2.0's antic and jokes. The clean up bill must and will be delivered to them. And they must pay up especially when Maria Chin said they collected RM2.4 million of public money to help organize and manage the illegal demonstration. I am very sure the RM65,000 bill won't cause a dent to Bersih's massive and millions of funding and their continued refusal to pay only shows they have taken the donors for a ride.

So what's next then?

If Bersih refuses to pay, next time Bersih holds another illegal demonstration in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps I should dump the rubbish in front of their office. That time, I can guarantee Bersih that I will send the rubbish to the correct address!

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