‘DAP has successfully painted MCA black through Goebbels-style propaganda’

It is wrong and irresponsible for Lim Kit Siang to continue painting MCA leaders as Umno stooges, an MCA central committee member says.

Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said the Chinese-based party had successfully suppressed its extremist and racist elements while being under the communal umbrella of Umno, MCA and MIC.

“Unlike DAP which dons a multi-racial tag but is chauvinist by nature, MCA, Umno and MIC are communal by name but hold onto the spirit of  1Malaysia and multi-ethnic considerations under the Constitution,” he told The Rakyat Post.

1Malaysia is a theme – espoused by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak when he took over the country’s administration – that focuses on racial unity, among other things.

Ti, who is also the party’s religious harmony bureau chairman, was yesterday “congratulated” by the DAP supremo for “serving his Umno masters well”.

This came after Ti had accused DAP of hijacking the Bersih 4 rally last month.

This morning Ti hit back at Lim warning the Gelang Patah lawmaker to stop demeaning him as an Umno stooge.

“I have a better record than any DAP representative when it comes to standing up to Umno as an assemblyman of three terms and have been consistently on a war path with extremist elements in Umno and PAS,” he said, adding it was  typical of DAP to hit below the belt.

The former Teruntum representative added DAP’s constant accusation of MCA being weak and subservient to Umno for compromises made under the Federal Constitution gave the perception that MCA had never fought Umno on issues related to the minorities, particularly the Chinese.

This, he argued, was not true as MCA had consistently resolved racial and religious issues within the framework of the Constitution via their participation in the government.

“However, DAP has successfully painted MCA black and Umno red through the Nazi Goebbels-style of political propaganda by repeating lies,” he said, alluding to Joseph Goebbels, a Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany and one of Adolf Hitler’s close associates.

Ti reminded Lim to give due recognition to the racial and religious harmony that MCA and Umno had cultivated to provide a safe haven for moderate Chinese and Malays to co-exist peacefully for decades.

Source: The Rakyat Post
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