BONGKAR! Taman Manggis - Dissolved , Wound up and Struck Off.

A case of BAD FENG SHUI for all BIDDERS of Taman Manggis

According to official Penang State Assembl
y explanations on the sale of Taman Manggis to KLIDC, the first RFP was called on 10 August 2009 and only three companies participated due to the strict restriction that those who participate must have experience in running specialist medical centers.

They are:
- United Overseas Empire Sdn Bhd
- GM HealthCare Sdn Bhd
- KLIDC Sdn Bhd

This RFP exercise was then cancelled on 10 Sept 2009 because none of the companies bothered to turn up for the official site visit - hence breaking procurement rules.

A replacement RFP exercise was thus called on 16 Feb 2010. This time, a grand total of 4 companies submitted including the three earlier participants and a new bidfder, Ranting Setia Sdn. Bhd.

As we all know, it was KLIDC who won it - at that time owned majority owned by Phang Li Khoon's boss Datuk Tang Yong Chew.

But who are the other three companies who participated and did they have any experience in running "specialists medical center" and are they financially capable?

1. United Overseas Empire Sdn Bhd:
- amazingly incorporated two days after the first RFP was called and still managed to participate in time.
- company seems to be dormant after participating in the tender with zero revenues for the financial year 2010 and never having submitted any more reports to SSM since then for SIX years.
- The company status is now officially listed as dissolved.

2. GM HealthCare Sdn Bhd
- Company has gone bankrupt since June 2009 with negative asset value and never having submitted any more financial reports since 2010 for SIX years
- Receivers was appointed in 2011.
- The company status is now officially listed as WINDING UP.

3. Ranting Setia Sdn. Bhd
- The company seems to be dormant now or at least have not submitted any financial reports to SSM since the year 2009 - the past SEVEN years!
- In fact, their last official financial result was for the year 2008.
- The company status is now officially listed as STRIKING OFF

It is certainly strange that after participating in the RFP for Taman Manggis, all three companies failed to continue their operations and submit their accounts since.

And all three are ended up either Dissolved, Winding up or being Struck off.

Must be bad Feng Shui or Cultural Prejudice for those who bid for this RFP.

Only KLIDC seems to have survived the tender process but even then KLIDC which had millions in revenues in 2010-2011 suddenly dropped to zero for the latest financial year.

But this is another story which I will post and question later.

In the meantime, the DAP Penang Govt should practise transparency in the spirit of an actual open tender (instead of just a selective RFP) and publicly release all FOUR companies' proposals for us to understand why there is a mass case of bad feng shui.

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  1. Same LA what bn or gerakan did since merdeka fucker. Election people all ready bungkus u guys just forget PNG next 50 years . no Chinese or Indians in PNG gonna vote for bn

  2. Ha
    This among 13% Evils in Ethnic Chinese & Indians. Most in Dap plus some in Pkr? Plus Malay opportunists- @anwaribrahim Sodomi1/2/Corrupt to cover his evil conduct despite Muslim leader @Abim etc? Opportunist won't bother> Blinded & Defted to free him & make.a Puppet Malay Muslim Pm? Highly educated Ulama; Lawyers etc support plus the Masses of Zombies mostly Malays Muslims created in the Master Plan of Opportunist DrM @Mahathir Mohamad & Anwar leadership> Bankrupcy/ Gambling/ Disco/ All sorts of Evils Abuses in Govt & Others- Worst Era than the Jahiliah at the early time of Prophet MuhdSaw.

  3. Was there a reserve price? If yes, how was it fixed? These are the pertinent questions. Just speculating is not the way to go.

  4. makin kalut lah lge, padan muka

  5. Lim Guan Eng should go on leave and walk the talk...Set an example and let the MACC clear him off before back to office.

  6. 1) Ranting Setia was 1 of the companies owned by the owner of several architecture/construction companies. He probably close Ranting Setia as it serves no other purpose after losing the bid

    2) GM Healthcare is a sub-contractor who were once appointed by a company related to a state Sultan... so this company was at one time, a legit contender for the tender

    3) United Overseas Empire Sdn Bhd - not much is known about this company. But if we can find out the owners of this company we can determine whether they were legit contenders (maybe the owners were contractors, or have construction companies).

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