MCA: DAP to blame for Malay anger, not Chinese

A MCA leader said growing Malay anger towards the Chinese community should be blamed solely on opposition party DAP at its "supporters".

When DAP leaders took to the front stage of Bersih and when individuals, whether DAP members or not stepped on PAS president Hadi Awang's photo or burned hell notes to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak; the natural Malay perception is that 'Ini Cina sudah melampau' and the blame is on the entire Chinese community.

“We are saying that it should be ‘Ini DAP sudah melampau’ and to leave the Chinese out (of the dispute),” said MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker in a statement today.

He alleged it was DAP, not the Chinese, who are “picking on Hadi and perpetually belittling Najib or the First Lady of Malaysia Rosmah Mansor”.

“It is MCA's duty to draw a line and dissociate the Chinese from being associated with DAP leaders’ antics or their sympathisers (whether a member or not) before Hadi’s or Najib's supporters retaliate and pick on the Chinese in their political ire […],” he said.

“MCA does not want a repeat of May 13th or Low Yat Plaza melee, e.t.c. whereby innocent Chinese are picked on indiscriminately by other extremist groups in retaliation to a perceived Chinese act.

“Thus we categorically spell out that DAP'S leaders or sympathisers’ ill-mannered acts cannot be attributed to the Chinese,” said Ti.

“We are saying these acts must be attributed to DAP and not Chinese per se.”

He said DAP should “own up that its personal attacks against the Umno and PAS presidents have sowed distrust among Malays against the Chinese”, singling out DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

"Maybe I should spell it out loud here for her to understand that racial and religious goodwill that we have inherited is going down the drain as a result of DAP's arrogance, haughtiness and refusal to understand that the Malays or Muslims also do have their sentiment, fear or apprehension of DAP's double talk to the Chinese and to their Malay supporters.”

'Insulting Hadi insult to Malays'

He said attacking Hadi was not only seen as an insult to the Malays, but to “a respected or revered religious leader”.

‘When DAP leaders attacked or belittled a Malay religious leaders like Hadi or a political leader like Najib, DAP leaders like Teresa Kok failed to understand that it is not going to be received well by their supporters whom have exercised restraint or ‘sabar’ which is another Malay trait,” he said.

However, Ti admitted he had also criticised Hadi before.

“I do admit that I have also criticised PAS leaders on policy proposals but I have never resorted to hitting below the belt or going on a personal attacks,” he said.

He added it is “a Malay culture not to be uncouth or ‘kurang ajar’, ‘mengaibkan’ or be crude or ill mannered” but DAP had allegedly failed to “understand traditional Malay sensitivities”.

“In politics when the emotions are high, racial religious sentiment will take front stage.

“It is DAP's failure as a multiracial party if they are still seen to be representing the Chinese by Umno or PAS.

“It is our duty in MCA to protect the Chinese and tell Perkasa or Pekida not to pick on all Chinese, but individual DAP leaders or sympathisers,” said the MCA religious harmony bureau chairman.

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