Standing By Selvam

Today is the day.

Whilst it is Georgetown Heritage Day in Penang, in the obscure town of Kampar, Perak, Selvam's case hearing continues in Kampar Magistrate Court today.

Judge Muhammad Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Ghulam is presiding and Mr. Baljit Singh is providing legal assistance to Selvam.

From the beginning, I have been with Selvam.

Above pic taken last year

Until today and always, I will still stand by him.

Pic above taken today: Selvam and his counsel, Mr. Baljit Singh
Mr. Praba, my assistant, is representing me. I will be there later as I have urgent tasks to settle for now.

Wherever you may be, please say a prayer for Selvam and his counsel, Mr. Baljit Singh, that justice will be served and the truth will be revealed.

Thanks to all well-wishers and supporters who have been encouraging Selvam in so many ways.

Do read THIS POST for more background to this case.

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