SR: Nowhere to Run Chapter 4 No Bola, No Otak. Only LIES!

It is one thing to have passion for writing and another to be a pathological liar who manipulates photographs harvested from Facebook or other unethical means.

The latest Sarawak Report reeks of twisted deception from the word 'go'. Excerpts from SR are in blue font.

1. This the photo shoot that tells it all about 1MDB’s PetroSaudi deal.

What photo shoot? SR having hangover kah? In case SR has forgotten, Dato Seri Najib Razak is the Prime Minister of Malaysia and not a model for any magazine or website. Photo shoot my foot! They just hung themselves with such a clueless opening line.

A photo shoot is generally used in the fashion or glamour industry, whereby a model poses for a photographer at a studio where multiple photos are taken to find the best ones for the required brief. (wikipedia)

2. The picture was sent as a memento of the happy gathering by Wan Shihab, a special officer to Najib, to Tarek Obaid and Jho Low and (according to the data on the photo) it was taken during August 2009 as the plot to set up the joint venture was hatched.

To equate a photo taken during a holiday with a 'plot to set up the joint venture' is a spin that falls flat on the SR portal!

3. Blardy nincompoops

These folkS at SR refuse to take up my challenge. 

No bola, No otak, Only LIES!

a. Publish all the 3 million emails lah. Don't talk cock away and then run away like an ostrich.
b. Publish any email with FULL EMAIL header lahhhhh  Jangan tipu lagi lah!
c. The interface of the emails they stupidly posted is NOT typical of Google's gmail. They think I am old and stupid, is it?

Look at the first jpeg heavily doctored file they uploaded:

Look at the other email clip they posted. Note my comments.

4. The glaring errors attest to the fact that SOMEONE ELSE wrote the latest post. My comments are italicised in green.

It was only three weeks after this yachting liaison  (inappropriate word. Malapropism, i.e. word used out of context) that Tarek Obaid’s fellow Director at PetroSaudi, the British businessman Patrick Mahony (COMMA MISSING) was over in New York to meet up with Jho Low, (COMMA MISSING) and (missing 'TO') put the whole plan into effect with  (should be AT)  lightening (hahaha spelling mistake should be LIGHTNING. Me thinks the author just went for spa and had skin lightening process kakaka) speed. 
A British former journalist, especially if allegedly trained by the BBC before, would not be making such glaring errors! So who wrote that post and why? Come on. Be a man and claim your authorship!
By September 29th 2009 (COMMA MISSING) a billion dollars of borrowed public money had been wired over from 1MDB (sole signatory WAS Najib Razak), COMMA MISSING supposedly to fund an oil exploration venture by the joint subsidiary 1MDB PetroSaudi.

So, Claire Rewcastle-Brown, what are you up to? Lost your grip in English or lost your grip over your portal?

You wrote impeccably before 1MDB. Here is a sample:

27 JAN 2015

However, papers already deposited before the session in Court 5 contain a series of astonishing admissions by Tufail, where he openly details how he illegally evaded paying tax on his timber profits made out of Sarawak. (NO MISTAKES) 
The brother of Governor Taib Mahmud, Tufail, is due to appear in a Singapore High Court today to be questioned in a case brought against him by former business associates. (NO MISTAKES) 
The complex case, which opened earlier this month, was brought by a Singapore company called Tanaka, of which Tufail is himself a director, against both himself and a fellow director of Sanyan Sdn Bhd, Dato Ting Check Sii. (NO MISTAKES, and complex usage of commas.)
The majority of the three shareholders of Tanaka are suing to be paid back money, which they say was lent to Sanyan for ventures in Sarawak on the understanding it would be repaid. (No mistakes - sophisticated use of passive voice)
Despite having no mistakes in the above post, subsequent chapters of SR: Nowhere to Run will show how SR is WRONG in the above 27th January post and how their CREDIBILITY is deficient!

Tell us now. Who is/are writing all those error-filled articles on 1MDB that are really polluting your site?

Are you too mabuk ketum to know what is happening, kah?

Stop being such a pathological liar and STAND UP, TELL THE TRUTH! 

Remember to publish those THREE MILLION E-MAILS

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