Ambank: Talking Sense and Sensibility

1) Ambank founder Hussain Najardi, sold all his shares in 1983-84 and help create International Islamic University and have not been in management nor have an office at Ambank for the past 30 years.

2) No such police report was filed by Najardi in July 2013 or at any time regarding this transaction. No such records exist.

3) None of the IT heads were forced to resign in 2013. In fact, the CIO, Charles Tan, who is ex-Accenture, is still there today - spanning more than 10 years.

4) Even if the IT heads were forced to leave, they can still leak to public or go to opposition if they were aware of such a large transfer but for over 2 years, nobody was aware of such a large transfer.

5) The Ambank founder was killed because of the Bukit Ceylon temple land dispute as he was blocking the sale to other parties.

6) The only son of the owner, Pascal Najardi is a scumbag. He was born in Swiss and holds dual Swiss-British citizenship and has hardly lived in Malaysia.

Pascal used the Syariah High Court to sued the wife of his late father Cheong Mei Kuen and deprived her of RM1.8mil inheritance because she was not a Muslim and even forced her to pay RM30k cost.

Mdm Cheong was also injured in the shooting and held  her dying husband in her arms in a pool of blood.

SIUMMARY: The Ambank Founder murdered story linked to Najib is pure rubbish AND TOTALLY UNTRUE.

It is appalling how there are busuk hati Malaysians who have the cheek to link this to PM. Jangan busuk hati!

Do not simply spread unverified information!
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