SR: Nowhere to Run Chapter 5: Conspiracy Galore

I wish to categorically state the second diagram and ideas for both diagrams belong to Huan's Thoughts.

Those who uploaded the initial version in social media or sites are not the original maker of these documents.

The ones here are the complete and updated versions. If you wish to share, I would appreciate if you can backlink to my blog.

The stakes are very high now. A nation has been fooled big time. You be the judge. Do not believe everything and anything you read or hear. Judge for yourself.

There are too many what-ifs but evidence speaks for themselves. Too many are too ready to believe the worst without using their brains. Here goes.

Page 1 of WSJ document was doctored.

If you are an artist, you should view it in zoom mode with no overlap.

And then view again with overlap in zoom mode.

Remove the layers and you can see the number written on the evidence is  


The number of the alleged account: 2112022011880.

Malaysians and many others have been fooled big time!

So document 1 is definitely doctored.

Document 2 - also doctored/tampered.

All notes written in doc for easy reference.

1. Title – date altered. See 2013 03 22

2. The digit 2 in ‘22’ are different.

3. Line 32A Settled Amount : Doctored because second ‘e’ is different from first ‘e’

4. 85502 jagged line exactly the same appears in two documents presenting different data. Clear evidence it was a cut and paste. Please refer to above document.

5. Line 52D and 59 – the Name and addess – lettering sloping down. Evidence of being altered.

6. Format of date at Line 70 is different from Line 32A. Incongruently inconsistent.

More in Chapter 6 AT THIS LINK.

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