EXCLUSIVE: The Missing Pieces of the 1MDB Spin

Tong Kooi Ong, Ho Kay Tat and The Edge now want to say that in the name of national interest, they had illegal obtain stolen data from Xavier Justo, and that this is morally correct in view of the larger picture of exposing others alleged wrong-doings‎

They also argue that because they did not pay Justo thus they used this convoluted tactic to obtain this data to expose others and did not commit any wrongdoing and they were more whistler blowers

More spins by the two of them. The fact is:

a. They knew that this information was illegally obtained by Xavier Justo and it is a criminal offence to sign a contract agreeing to pay USD2m for such information.

b. In addition, Tong Kooi Ong signed an agreement to mask a USD2M payment to Xavier Justo for the purchase of this illegal information by pretending that it was an IT contract, thus further committing the second crime of fraud.

c. Subsequently, Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat had many discussions with Xavier Justo and Clare Brown on how to pay these funds to Xavier Justo below detection, thus committing the crime of teaching others how to money launder, thus knowing that what they are doing on the purchase of illegal information is wrong.

d. Under the Whistleblower's Act, the information must have been obtained in a legal manner to come under that protection. Also, according to Zaid Ibrahim even, it must not be disclosed to media: ‎http://www.therakyatpost.com/news/2015/07/24/whistle-blowers-not-protected-if-information-shared-with-media-says-former-law-minister/

e. Not only was the purchase of this information illegal, they further committed fraud in the contract signed by Tong, and compounded by various discussions to money launder - all in all 3 criminal offences.‎

‎f. Finally, instead of immediately filing a police report and giving this information to authorities, they kept it, had various discussions between Clare Brown and The Edge on what to publish and what not to publish in an effort to manipulate information to conspire to overthrow a democratically elected government and Prime Minister which constitutes Treason and the 4th crminal offence. Clearly no intention of "national interest" for Tong and Ho Kay Tat but "personal agenda" and in the process hurting the reputation of Malaysia internationally and it's economy and harmony. ‎


1. They knowingly procured and handled stolen data 

2. They knowingly misled a thief to steal stolen data from him - two wrongs do not make a right 

3. They knowingly used and admitted to using stolen data to publish a sensational story for the purposes of gaining economic benefit to increase sales in his newspapers 

4. They admitted to not immediately handing over stolen data to the authorities but instead used it for his benefit 

5. They said they handed over discs with 400k emails when Clare Brown and crew said there were millions of emails, thus admitting that they tampered with the emails by omitting certain emails and possible crucial data which could have shed light on the truth 

6. They used the stolen data in his conspiracy with Clare Brown and others to mislead Justo as to payment.

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