If You Care, Say a Prayer or More...

It was C. Selvam's 28th birthday yesterday.

It has been a long, lonely journey for him but he has found solace in the company of genuine friends who care for him.

This is a sincere post to ask Malaysians or anyone to extend him word of encouragement to stay strong while the trial is going on.

By the end of this month, it would be a year since I bailed out Selvam, the former driver of late Karpal Singh.

Since than, I have been bearing the responsibility to look after his accommodation, meals and even sending money back to India for his family.

The next hearing will be on 7th July, followed by 10th & 11th August.

Thanks to Baljit for legal aid service extended to Selvam.

He is allowed to stay in Malaysia (pending court trial), whereby every month, a special pass need to be obtained from the immigration  department.

To get that special pass, every month I must first obtain his passport from the Kampar court and then head to Ipoh Immigration Department for the special pass renewal. After that, I can only return to Penang once I have surrendered his passport to Kampar Court.

I had bailed out Selvam based on humanitarian ground and my responsbilities didn't end just by bailing him out for RM5000.00.  

In the almost 12 months that I have known him, I know he is a good man with a sincere heart. 

Abandoned by those whom he served, he has found new friends.

Selvam has also become stronger spiritually. Here is a photo of Selvam who went bald at a Hindu temple in April this year to offer prayers for his former boss and his colleague Michael Cornelius, both of whom died in a road accident almost a year ago.

Let us pray for him, that the case will end soonest with positive news for Selvam so that at last, he can reunite with his ailing parents and two siblings.

If you have space in your heart to care, please say a prayer for Selvam or contact me via the Blogger contact form at the bottom of this page if you wish to help.

Thank you.

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