The Justo Confession

I hope my series of posts about Sarawak Report has shaken the baseless belief some Malaysians and news sites have had on 'them'.

Bernama has released a statement documenting Pol Lt Gen Prawuth Thavornsiri's statement regarding Justo's admission to his crime. Click here to read the report in full.

The questions that I pose to my readers is this:

1. How does this admission impact your belief in the credibility of Sarawak Report's articles?

2. Does this confession exonerate or condemn SR for relying on stolen information?

3. What will the British, Malaysian, Saudi Arabian and Swiss authorities do about SR and its ilk?

4. How do the others such as news websites and famous personalities feel now that the truth is out for all to read and see for themselves?

How does the Justo Confession tip the scale for Sarawak Report and all sites or blogs that reposted information based on what Justo gave to SR?

If you all care to put aside your prejudices about the status quo and google for Clare Rewcastle-Brown, you will find quite a number of websites that attest to the fact that indeed, she has been in the company of not so favourable persons.

Perhaps then, you might want to go dig the X-files about Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle-Brown and her 'friends'.

Think again....carefully, about the modus operandi of those who have no qualms about distorting information in cohort with fraudsters, (who are currently serving time in the U.S.). More will be revealed in the SR: Nowhere to Run series.

Do leave a comment. My blog is a platform for all to discuss as long as readers observe decorum. Thank you.

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