So, who you want to believe now? Najib, WSJ, AG or Mahathir?

Because of WSJ, most people believe that Najib took RM2.6b and kept in his account - either sapu all or used it to "buy" elections in GE13.

Many also laughed at Najib when he first said most of the money had been returned and he did not personally benefit from the money.

Many also did not believe our Attorney General and laughed at him saying that he lied that Najib returned most of the money.

But finally, WSJ itself also admit two days ago that "investigators" agree that most of the money has been returned - even though for many months they never told us the money was returned.

So, who you want to believe now? Najib, WSJ, AG or Mahathir?

Who keeps changing their story? Najib and AG or WSJ and Mahathir?

So, we now have a case of someone who supposedly sapu the money but now have given back the sapu money?

Najib is not very good in the "corruption" business, is he? Keep giving back billions which he could have sapu.

Investigators in two other countries, while agreeing most of the $681 million ultimately was returned, believe the money originated with a Malaysian state development fund called 1MDB that the prime minister founded, according to people familiar with the probes.
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