Disclose Donations and Funding Now

Petition kicks off to pressure PKR, DAP, BERSIH & SUARAM to disclose political funding.

Kuala Lumpur, Saturday. A petition by a Malaysian which started early this evening calling PKR, DAP, BERSIH & SUARAM to disclose their foreign sources of funding/donations is fast gaining momentum.

It seems to be a taste of their own medicine for DAP and their ilk. While the Opposition had been pressuring the PM to admit donations came from Saudi Arabia, it is time for DAP, PKR and their partner NGOs to declare whether their parties or their party leaders have received similar funding from the USA government, Israel and any other country, and how much of these were in cash and kind.

DAP has vehemently denied those Israeli donations but now, they must pass the litmus test by revealing their bank statements/transactions.

Interestingly, pro-DAP trolls were on the attack in social media sites that shared the petition.

Now if PKR, DAP, Bersih and SUARAM have not received foreign funds, there is no need to react so vehemently.

There is evidence that the overt CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) either directly or indirectly via the USA's Republican party's IRI or the USA's Democrat party's NDI had funded DAP and PKR party and/or leaders directly.

In the interest of fairness, netizens are calling for full disclosure in the tradition they set by asking Najib to disclose more details of his Saudi funding.

PKR, DAP, BERSIH & SUARAM must come clean and bare the details.

Visit this site to sign the petition:

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  1. It is about time for the opposition to disclose their source of income.jgn berkokok tapi ekor bergelumang dgn taik