NEW VIDEO: Lester Melanyi stands by his exposé

The Star has interviewed Lester Melanyi and he stands by his exposé.

This is the video which was uploaded recently.

Ask yourself this question. Would Lester Melanyi dare to lie in a video recording by The Star newspaper which will be watched by tens of thousands of people?

Watch his body language. Listen to the nuances in his intonation. I am very sure he is telling the truth.

What about Claire Rewcastle? What we are getting is mere words words words!

Any video? Nope.

Any official statement? Nope.

Only lame denials.

Any police report lodged by Claire? Of course not. Dare she?

I dare her! Record her denial in a video and send it all over the world to all the famous international media starting with WSJ.

If she does not have the guts to do so and only has enough courage to post in SR and TMI or local media, then the writing is on the wall.

Here it is. Judge for yourself.

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