LGE: Confused or Trying to Confuse Us?

What the *&%*%!!!!!!!

Now he says he knows the value of his bungalow - but that it is exactly RM4.27 million (as per the JPPH valuation) and not RM6.5 million.

This is because LGE is now forced to admit since documents of his LHDN stamp duties forms were leaked

BtW, those who know real-estate know that JPPH valuation is normally much lower than actual market value.

So, now Tokong says he knows - even though Ng Wei Aik says he is accountant and not valuer and he himself says he is Chief Minister and not property agent.

And for one week, he himself has said he didn't know and even the seller didn't know.

Suddenly he know says he knows!

And even more incredibly, he claims that BN lied to say he doesn't know!!!

Are you trying confuse us or are you confusing yourself?

And does this also mean that this is an admission that as a Civil servant, you have KNOWINGLY bought property at much below market value hence breaking Section 165 of the Penal Code for corruption?


Just for your reference, check out:

Ini video pc rumah LGE bleh cuba dengar ada tak dia sebut tak tau market value...




And now from the father of all spinners:



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1 comment:

  1. We are witnessing the actions of a desparate liar when his lies are exposed. Just like a thief caught with the loots in his pockets and bags, he will start to give all sorts of conflictng excuses hoping to get away with the crime. The more reasons he give the more confusing he becomes, more often than not the excuses will strip him of his innocence.