Raja Petra Kamarudin

A reader by the name of Terence Gui posted the following comment in the article written by Teh Wei Soon and published in the Malaysian Digest titled‘What Should Barisan Nasional Do To Win Back Chinese Voters?’

After getting screwed at every turn for nearly 60 years, now that there is a hope to topple the Corrupt Ruling Regime, the only way that the Chinese will ever support UMNO/BN is if every single BN member ups and dies overnight!

I decided to not only allow that comment but to also pick it up to include in this article because this more or less echoes what most Pakatan Harapan people feel about Umno in particular and Barisan Nasional in general.

They just want the three million Umno members and the estimated five million from Barisan Nasional to die — literally, that is, not figure of speech.Most Chinese and Indians feel the same way that Terence Gui feels, which is that the non-Malays have been screwed at every turn for nearly 60 years — or sinceMerdeka.

Seventy years ago, in 1946, one year after the end of WWII, the British merged the Straits Settlements, Federated Malay States and Unfederated Malay States into the Malayan Union.

The Chinese and Indians did not give two hoots but the Malays did. So they opposed the Malayan Union and to do this they formed Umno as the political platform to oppose the British plan.

Realising that the Malayan Union was not going down well with the Malays, two years later, in 1948, the British relented and formed the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to replace the Malayan Union.

The Malays were happier with this but still the Chinese and Indians did not give two hoots. They did not really care much about Malaya because they did not regard themselves as Malayans anyway.

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