Malaysia Needs No Foreign Interference

Malaysia Needs No Foreign Interference
Press Statement by Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
Vice-President, Love Malaysia Party (Parti Cinta Malaysia)
23rd December 2015

Malaysia has rocked the world with its firm stand in recent legislation changes and court judgements. The United States Embassy (February 10th 2015 ), European External Action Service (February 10th 2015 and the United Nations (November 2nd 2015 tried to meddle in her affairs but the European Union (December 17th 2015 has now joined the fray.

These organizations seem to operate from the same template in that every single one saw it fit to interfere in Malaysia’s affairs, namely:

·         the conviction of Anwar Ibrahim
·         the arrest of Nurul Izzah
·         the recent amendment to the Sedition Act

New issues include a call to release political detainees, namely former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, to revoke anti-gay and anti-sodomy laws in the country and to scrap the National Security Council Bill.

It defies logic how throughout one year, there can be such carefully orchestrated public calls that shows utter disrespect to the sovereignty of Malaysia by slamming the Malaysian government and court of law and bypassing any form of dialogue or diplomatic engagement.

Is Malaysia so important to command so much attention or is it Anwar Ibrahim who is the important one?

Despite the convenience of video conferences or face-to-face dialogues, these groups have seen it fit not to seek an audience with the government but chose to put Malaysia in negative light via the path of disrespect.

Malaysia is an independent nation that answers to no colonial master.

Yet, what is it that unites these patronizing organizations under the mask of freedom of expression when they do not allow Malaysia the freedom to exercise their right to enforce laws for the good of its citizens?

It is common knowledge that Anwar Ibrahim and his motley crew of Opposition leaders and supporters freely travel overseas to shame the name of Malaysia. Their lies deceive the world into thinking that not all is right in the home front when all the government has done is to enforce and to create laws that maintain peace, security, and harmony for its citizens.

Most outrageously, while proclaiming the need for freedom of expression, these busybody nations refuse to allow Malaysia to practice its democratic right to rule this country with the mandate given to them via the ballot box.

While all kinds of scandals, issues and moral problems rage like wildfire in those nations, their leaders prefer to ignore these just so they can do their Boy Scout duty to help Anwar Ibrahim and his ilk.

Many of the recent EEAS statements on Malaysian issues are pathetic two-paragraphed statements, which seem to indicate feeble token voices of support for Anwar Ibrahim and his cohort.

These organizations would have greater credibility if they spent their time and resources on problems raging in their own backyard.

You have your own government and laws and you do not see Malaysia sending her envoys to object to how you rule your country.

Accord us the same respect we have shown all other nations.  After all, respect is a value that is free of charge and almost effortless, that is if you have a heart and the right perspective to life, countries and governments.

I am sure that is not too difficult for nations, which have a longer history than Malaysia.

Having said that, bear in mind no one but Malaysian rulers, lawmakers and citizens (via the right channels) have the right to criticize decisions made by the government.

If any other non-Malaysian is genuinely interested in Malaysian affairs, please give up your citizenship, come to Malaysia on the MM2H program or apply for PR and then perhaps you can play a more respectable and credible role as the vox populi.

Until then, just MYOB and let Malaysia do what she has to do.

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