Clare: Full of Lies

Deceptively, Clare Brown hides behind a veil of hypocritical environmentalism, supposedly campaigning against illegal logging, 1MDB and her pet topics when in reality, she is a serial liar easily caught red-handed if one lines up all her contradictory statements.

From her little office in London, she spins her yarn against oil palm plantations and logging practices in Sarawak to run to ground the reputation of all whom she is commissioned to destroy.

Under her cloak of environmentalism, Clare Brown has worked to spread lies about her targets and to rebut those who dare to disagree. Her channel of communication is her notorious Sarawak Report and social media with its sinister agenda, far beyond the noble campaign she claims to execute.

Her victims have been 1MDB, Taib Mahmud, family, and the Malaysian Palm Oil industry via her relentless attacks on Sarawak oil palm plantations by joining the campaign against the small Sarawakian oil palm farmers.

Unbeknownst to many, European governments have funded NGOs, and green vigilantes such as The Forest Trust, WWF and Greenpeace and even Clare Brown, all who deceptively lobby against the Malaysian oil palm farmers and forest industry. Worse still, they claim to protect and to support those industries when behind the scenes, they work in a cloak and dagger manner to limit its production.

In 2011, Global News Canada  said, "Clare told 16×9 she has received no money from Malaysian politicians and that her donors are 'all non-politically motivated Europeans'."

Two years later (2013), Foreign Policy reported that "The funding for her radio, she says, comes primarily from a single “European philanthropist” who wishes to remain anonymous; listeners also send donations through the website."

Another two years later, she changes her tune. The Sun Daily reported, "Clare said Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) is largely funded by a reputable European foundation which focuses on rainforest issues. We also receive...mainly small donations from people...through our site's donation page."

Her predisposition to flip-flop is evident in two milestones in her life: Cullen Johnson and Justo.

On May 8 2013 (Sarawak Report), Clare masked her association with Cullen Johnson by saying, “"We do not know whether Cullen Johnson/Dirk Pitt is a genuine battler against high-level corruption (entirely possible) or someone hired to lure us into a trap (equally possible)."

Quite stupidly, Clare made this baseless statement a month after US courts had convicted Cullen Johnson and his wife, White.

After Toronto Star revealed Cullen and his wife had been indicted on fraud, money-laundering charges, Clare changed her tune by saying she treated Cullen’s approach as “suspicious throughout.”

Similarly, when Justo was first arrested, Sarawak Report sprang to his defense and posted stories about him and his family, even to the extent of posting very personal pictures of Justo and his family

However, a few weeks later, Clare told The Malaysian Insider that Justo was full of untruths.

Tan Sri Dr Yusof Basiron (CEO of Malaysian Palm Oil Council) puts in succinctly with this statement:

Brown has consistently been anti-palm oil and anti-small farmer and she trades only in insults and innuendo. 
Her campaign against palm oil hurts many hundreds of thousands across Malaysia, and is an attempt to undermine a genuine Malaysian success story. 
This is unacceptable and deserves a strong response from all Malaysians. 
As CEO of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, I am proud to defend our record of success and achievement. Those who attack and insult our companies and small farmers are not welcome, and should not be given credibility or support.

Do not fall prey to Clare’s cauldron of lies. For too long, the world has been deceived by a sinister international agenda stretching across nations.

With eyes wide open, Malaysians must see beyond these tall tales and compare statements to see for themselves, who is really telling the truth.
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