What More Does Tun Want?

If one constantly runs down the country, does such a person have the moral ground to say he does not 'enjoy being asked about Malaysia" when abroad?

If corruption reared its ugly head decades ago under a different leadership and became entrenched from then, one cannot turn a blind eye to that point of time and fast forward to the present to pin the blame on 1MDB and Najib.

It is quite absurd to reach a conclusion solely based on reports by The Edge that power plants had been bought "above market price and borrowed money paying commissions of 10% and interest rate of 5.9%".

To say the absence of any denial by the government about that report is indicative of something amiss is illogical. The authorities do not have the time nor purpose to deny or address the thousands of attacks launched against it daily. There are more important tasks at hand.

The constant references to the negative reports about 1MDB has been brainwashed people against the government. A lie when repeated becomes truth. And who is to blame?

One would have thought that the man who holds the record of being the longest serving Prime Minister would be the first to defend this country from any mudslinging attacks but no. He joined the fray and has been going to town with his rants, even supporting a report from a foreign media with alleged Jewish links.

On top of that, he has now also attacked personal expenses of the PM and his family. What about his own son's car collection and amassed wealth?

And he went on to label "The Wolf of Wall Street" as pornographic. Since he is so detached from reality, I want to remind him that that Robbie Collin of The Telegraph referred to that film as "Martin Scorsese's visceral, Oscar-nominated film shows him and his powerhouse star Leonardo DiCaprio at the very top of their game".

To constantly give commentaries about the goings-on in the political landscape so negatively that people develop anti-establishment feelings is very damaging indeed.

The sum of all these serve to reinforce the negative perception people have of the government.

And then he goes on to blame the government, adding fuel to the fire, deepening conspiracy theories and what would be the end-result? More negatives.

The most outrageous part is how he has the 'freedom' to make slanderous accusations including:

With the huge funds at his disposal he would be in a position to bribe his way to victory. He may also use the money to rig the election.
If anyone had made such a statement during his rule, that 'hero' would have been incarcerated under the ISA.

But no.

What he is doing is unprecedented in Malaysia.

Of course with him at his best, people would be at a loss as to what to do.

He should ask himself if he could have ruled had such a scenario existed when he was at the helm of the government.

Would he have taken it all in his stride like our PM?

And he has the gall to say democracy is dead.

Hello! Reality strikes.

He killed democracy years ago. Practising selective retention of facts, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that he sacked the Lord President and Supreme Court judges years ago.

And he claims democracy is dead.

Yes, it died when he was in control but PM Najib rejuvenated it and now, he is abusing his freedom of speech by his daily bitter dose of rants, shamelessly slamming the government he used to lead with an iron fist.

The man with the iron mask chooses to forget all he did and to be blind to all he is doing now.

As always, he rules in his little kingdom called chedet.cc, flexing his tech muscles with words dished out so freely with complete disregard for respect, decorum, principles and ethics.

Time he does a reality check and state what he can do for Malaysia.

After he has done and reaped from his 22-year old 'reign', apa lagi dia mahu?

By Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
Parti Cinta Malaysia

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