Rahman: Housing developers gave money to DAP

ALOR SETAR: Barisan Nasional spokesman Abdul Rahman Dahlan has accused the DAP of taking money from property companies.

Speaking at Kubang Pasu Umno’s delegates meeting, he challenged political parties to explain their sources of funds.

Abdul Rahman, who is federal housing minister, said he was aware of political contributions received by the DAP from certain housing companies.

He defended Umno against news reports about US$900 million being channelled into private banking accounts held in the name of Najib Razak, Umno president and prime minister.

He said political parties were not required by law to name their donors. “So why zero in on Umno,” he said. “If you want to expose the donors, ask everyone, ask DAP who gave them money,” he said, according to Bernama.

“We know that they (the opposition parties) have a lot of money because their election operations are far more sophisticated than Umno’s, believe me,” said Abdul Rahman, Bernama reported.

He said opposition parties should explain allegations that they had obtained political funding from western countries, including currency speculator George Soros and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Source: Free Malaysia Today
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