Don't Sabotage Your Own Country!

Press Statement by Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
Vice-President, Parti Cinta Malaysia
For Immediate Release

27th August 2015

Don't Sabotage Your Own Country!

Contrary to the Opposition's vindictive accusations on the ringgit depreciation, the scenario we face today starkly opposes that experienced in the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis.

The record also shows the Opposition has only succeeded in hurling obstacles in our nation's path to economic reform and has never created any milestone of economic achievement.

To put the facts in the right perspective, look at our share market.

In 1997, our share market collapsed and we registered losses of up to 70% whereas it is a loss of 15% now.

What has the Opposition ever done for the Malaysian economy?

All their words, statements given locally and internationally, and actions have been carefully measured to sabotage our economy.

Unashamedly and brazenly, leaders such as Lim Guan Eng condemn and run down the country at every part of the world. His latest speech in Hong Kong refers to Malaysia as a 'rogue state'.

In 2013, Lim Guan Eng unfairly claimed Barisan Nasional had avoided tackling real problems such as crime, corruption, rising debts, declining education standard and productivity and workforce issues.

On what grounds then can they claim to be doing their best to encourage foreigners to invest in Malaysia when they paint such a negative picture of the country?

On what basis then can they blame the ruling government for being responsible for the ringgit depreciation?

With  Pakatan leaders going around the world smearing the country's repute about 1MDB and MH370, no wonder investors are running away from Malaysia.

And who suffers?

The business sector and the ordinary citizen, of course.

And yet, the very same victims of those loose words carelessly thrown around by Opposition leaders are going to voice their discontent in Bersih 4?

Something is not right in Malaysia.

We have been brainwashed, hoodwinked and blinded - all because the Opposition and foreign forces are bent on destabilising the country and overthrowing the government to achieve their insidious agenda.

Bear in mind that it is not Malaysia alone that is experiencing bad times BUT it is ONLY IN MALAYSIA that the Opposition has the gall to sabotage the economy and then be lauded as saints.

As we approach Merdeka. free ourselves from the shackles of lies spewn by the Opposition.

Don't Sabotage Your Own Country!

Let Malaysia rise again!

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