A Question of Fairness?


This is what a blogger said:

"Well, first they demand that Najib reveal where that money came from if not from 1MDB. And now they say that whatever Najib is going to reveal is going to be a lie. Diam pun salah, cakap pun salah. Apa lagi mereka mahu?"

It was just a month ago when such allegations was first revealed by WSJ on July 3rd.

Understandably, the MACC took some time to investigate this before clearing Najib of the RM2.6b as they probably had to ask each and every contributor to confirm if it is indeed them who contributed.

Whether it is from one Middle East source as alleged by Muhyiddin in his suspiciously leaked 53 sec video remains to be seen as MACC did not say it was from Middle East and specifially said "donors" and not "a donor".

Malaysians are understandably angry or in utter disbelief when told by MACC that the RM2.6 billion came from campaign contributions by unknown sources.

We now demand to know who are the contributors in order to proof that the RM2.6b was indeed campaign contributions.

This is a VERY FAIR question to ask.

Najib or MACC should release the names of donors - even though the donors may not want to reveal their names.

But Najib NEVER said he will not name these donors. In fact, it was the opposite.

But people soon forget very fast that 3 days ago on Saturday, Najib had already said that he WILL declare the sources of Umno's political funding.... but only if the Opposition does the same.

 "I can explain the source of political funding only if the opposition also agrees to do the same, DAP and PKR especially,'' said.

Najib said his efforts to legislate transparency in political funding in 2009 were "shot down by DAP", but added that he is ready to make a second effort for such legislature.

"I don't mind, I can list who donates to the party to be transparent but DAP doesn't agree to publicising political funding.

"Why? Because they have something to do hide," he said

Fair or not?

Thus, if we want to know the donors of these RM2.6 billion, we will need to press ALL parties to show their list of donors too.

Fair or not?

Ordinary Malaysians should now voice out to all the political parties that they support and pressure every single party to agree to do this.

I am sure PM Najib will keep his word and then we will know who donated the RM2.6 billion.

Fair or not?

It is time that Malaysia joins the rest of the world and we regulate all political funding.

Note: I am sure that Najib will reveal first and then this will pressure DAP and PKR to reveal as well. Right now, he is probably using this issue to his advantage against DAP and PKR.

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