Tipping Point: That Fateful Admission

I have always advocated the importance of analyzing reports critically and how dots must be connected to see the macro view of issues.

Failure to do so cripples our understanding of matters and escalates the impact of misinformation -false, inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive or mislead.

Here's the post from LSS Report that underscores my point.

We surrender. (well, not me)

After Thai Police Chief had said that 10 persons dealt with Xavier Justo in the sale of stolen date, The Edge's publisher probably lost his nerves and today admitted that they have met Justo and obtained the stolen information from him.

Ho Kay Tat , The Publisher & Group CEO of The Edge Media Group had said they have two choices then:

1) Drop the matter like a hot potato and walk away, or
2) Get hold of everything so that the truth can be uncovered. We decided we had to pursue the truth.

There was actually a third choice: Announce to the world that they have these data and officially turning over the stolen data to the authorities and give your statement.

He has finally done this now as Ho said On Monday, we handed documents, printed emails and a hard disc to Bank Negara. Today, the same set was given to the Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) of the Police. I also gave a statement to CCID.

If this was so easy to do, why didn't you do it then and commit crime by handling stolen data and publishing them for months?

Now that Thai Police said the data was tampered in "small but important" ways after it left Justo and were about to reveal the 10 persons which would have included your name then only you admit ?

Also, Ho Kay Tat said  "Some of the information have been used in articles we have published in the last few months. Some were just too sensitive to be used. "

I seriously don't believe you would find any information that is too sensitive to use or print. Can you tell us what these are? Does this involve the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and the office of the King?

And why only reveal such a small part of the alleged 3 million emails?

Because of your actions, I can only conclude that The Edge Media group and Ho Kay Tat may have committed the following crimes

1) Dealing in stolen data (already definite)
2) Buying stolen data (very possible)
3) Manipulating data (possible)
4) Money Laundering in Singapore (very possible)
5) Not reporting or with-holding information on a possible crime (possible)
6) Conspiracy to topple a government (possible)
7) Economic treason (mildly possible)
8) Contravened printing and publishing acts (possible)

It is good that The Edge have finally admitted to having and dealing with these stolen data.

If Thai Police is correct in saying that The Edge was part of the 10 persons, can Thai Police also be right to say that the data was tampered in small but important ways after it left Justo?

You are a licensed publisher and you should not have even done any of these in the first place - especially if data was tampered or the story taken out of sequence and context.

Thus it does not mean that the story that they gave is true or complete - especially since the Auditors - both international as well as Auditor-General could not find any information on loss of money.

I can and have also point out many errors in their stories, which i believe, came from embellishing the story to paint it in a certain way - as part of a political conspiracy and political attacks.

However which way you look at it, Mr Ho and The Edge has committed various crimes.

It is a question of who else is similarly implicated and what other country's jurisdiction would these people be charged under too.

It is also a question of what and how The Edge painted the story and how much it differs from the true story.

We await the next episode but we want YOU to know that your selfish actions of not doing the right thing and picked option 3 have made Malaysia and Malaysians suffer for almost the entire 2015 so far - this is unacceptable.

I guess you never expected Justo to have been caught by Thailand police, right?

Would you have written this admission and turned the data over the police if Justo was never caught and spilled the beans?

I think not.

I do suspect that The Edge and possibly Malaysian Insider could soon be shut down by KDN.

Did anyone or any related party also benefited from the below?

We are lucky that Fitch Ratings saw through your crap and upgraded our outlook and maintained our credit rating. If not, the damage could have been even more severe as Fitch had been scared of your 1MDB story for months.

Any downgrade then would have meant billions of additional interest costs per year for both the government and the private sector.

Source: LSS Report
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