The Edge of Arrogant Unrepentance

Malaysians must be aware that getting detractors such as Opposition and now, The Edge, to admit they might have made a mistake and to apologise is a virtual impossibility.

Ho Kay Tat’s statement “We will not apologize for the reports that have been carried” comes as no surprise. It only serves to emphasize the sheer arrogant unrepentance they have, in spite of the collateral damage wrought on Malaysia.

Just because the reports have not been challenged does not mean the authorities have endorsed these as true and valid. They want to see how far The Edge and other groups will go before going for the jugular.

At the same time, his statement that “no one has said that their reports are incorrect” shows how his mind is framed to exclude comments and criticisms strewn far and wide by various sectors on the veracity of reports from The Edge.
Malaysians do not give two hoots about whether Ho Kay Tat et al will say ‘Sorry”.

We want the entire group of people involved, including The Edge media group to take responsibility and to pay for the irreversible damage inflicted on this nation, our economy, our repute, stability, and prestige because of their irresponsible and malicious slants in their reporting.

Anti-establishment reactions such as the applause from the staff as soon as he entered the office after being given the three-month suspension by KDN shows the negative impact of all the 1MDB disinformation.

Yet they have the cheek to proclaim they “will continue to report on 1MDB.” Whether or not much can be written on 1MDB is not dependent on facts alone, but on the writer/s who in this case, clearly have a malevolent agenda.

Such brazen insolence, unrepentance, and non-compliance to this country’s legislations must be stymied. A three-month suspension is a slap on the wrist for all the damage caused by The Edge media group and their ilk.

The KDN must close down the media group totally and ban all existing and forthcoming digital platforms of the group. They should be punished because of what they have done in destabilizing this country’s political stability and economic growth. The Edge media group has no moral ground to continue its existence as it has no respect for this country’s laws or journalistic ethics.

The statement by Eric Paulsen to” let the public and market pressure assess whether the publication can be trusted or otherwise” defies common sense. If this group has been constantly feeding the population with disinformation and displays arrogance and lack of remorse, making unbiased decisions would be a real challenge.

Good journalism is not measured by the extent of which reporting is executed without fear and threat.

Good journalism share common elements including the principles of—truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability—as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public.

On all counts, The Edge has failed miserably.

The fact that The Edge has no sense of all the above and its arrogant unrepentance is reason that it completely obliterated from this country physically and digitally.

Let it be a lesson to other delusional heroic wannabes that social order is a necessity for the continued existence of our nation. For that, laws are created, observed, and enforced.

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