The Edge Financial Daily's Last Hurrah

A dying man clutches at any available straw in an attempt to stay alive.

The same applies for media houses.

In a last ditch effort to attack the Malaysian government, The Edge Financial Daily published this article before the death knell sounds.

Is it sheer coincidence or a collusion that this assault comes right after SR has been blocked?

Fed on a staple diet of lies, other Malaysian media have echoed FD's article without doing due diligence on some of the lies being repackaged in that post.

This post can shed better light.

Under severe pressure as Thai Police has confirmed that there is a media publisher who was involved and that the documents published in media was tampered in "small but important" ways that significantly changed the meaning of the documents, this morning the rumoured Anwar-proxy, Tong Kooi Ong owned The Edge Financial Daily has thrown their last dice and again repeated their allegations and said " how a group of individuals — Malaysians and foreigners — schemed a multi-billion ringgit fraud against the people of Malaysia."

I believe Tong and The Edge knows that the authorities will soon act on them and their publishing license will be revoked, hence this last desperate and bold headline today - essentially it is Nothing to lose time for them now.

One of the cheating "foreigners" The Edge named in the report was IPIC. The Edge have alleged such 1MDB transactions and options payment was not disclosed in the FY 2014 financial statement of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).

Now, remember that IPIC is 100% owned sovereign fund of the Abu Dhabi Government and has USD66 billion worth of assets.

Essentially, what The Edge is accusing is that the Abu Dhabi govt is helping the Malaysian govt cheat Malaysians.

This is 100% Abu Dhabi Govt owned sovereign fund, IPIC's own Financial statements. You can read it for yourself and is disclosed clearly on item 41 on pages 108 and 109 of the 2014 audited Financial statements from IPIC's own website:

READ the above link for yourself. The screenshot is below.

The attached screenshot CLEARLY shows that all such transactions with regards to 1MDB, Aabar and the Options are clearly stated in their financial statements audited by Big 4 firm, Ernst & Young.

These includes all transactions that, in The Edge's words, is "covering the hole".

So, what The Edge's final desperate roll of the dice is to accuse, Saudi Royal family member, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and the Abu Dhabi government of conspiring with Malaysian govt to cheat Malaysians.

This "covering the hole" part is important as this is the final step which proves money is missing or not in the entire transaction. In this final part, The Edge is essentially saying these transactions are not disclosed by IPIC in their Financial Statements - however, they ARE disclosed.

What The Edge termed as "covering the hole" seems to be properly disclosed in IPIC's financial statements which are audited and made public and appears to be valid financial transactions as per IPIC's own financial statements.

As you can see from their "Note from publisher", this appears to be the final desperate shot by The Edge as they are now deeply implicated in money-laundering with regards to payment to Justo, in possession of stolen and tampered documents and conspiracy to defame and topple Malaysian govt and hurt our economy.

I think The Edge and their publisher knows their end is near and they have resorted to this one final desperate push to create as much damage as possible to the govt and our Malaysian economy - in essence, their last "kopek".

They know that it is a matter of time before the various authorities of up to three countries may soon be looking for them - which is why The Edge wrote "which is possibly the last on this subject,"

Good luck Mr Tong, Mr Ho, The Edge and the other persons identified by Thai Police as part of their investigations into "Justo-gate".

It's not that we do no know for years that Tong is an Anwar-proxy and that Anwar is NED-funded and linked and whose hidden agenda has always been to overthrow our govt.

Those pro-Tun people supporting Sarawak Report and The Edge is also implicitly supporting the CIA and NED to topple our govt - I hope they realize this.

Source: Here

Note from the (The Edge) publisher:

We have in this report, which is possibly the last on this subject, laid out all the key facts about what happened during the three-year business ties between 1MDB and PetroSaudi International — especially what happened to the US$1.83 billion of real cash invested by 1MDB.

Our report is based on evidence corroborated by documents that include bank transfers and statements. There is no space to publish everything and, indeed, some material cannot be published.

We will now be handing over these printed documents and the hard disk that contains them to the investigators. We will assist the investigators in any way we can to get to the bottom of what had happened.

We have a duty to find and report the truth. Our reports on 1MDB had exposed how a group of individuals — Malaysians and foreigners — schemed a multi-billion ringgit fraud against the people of Malaysia.

As the article is long and if time permits, I hope to address each and every point of The Edge's article today in future blog posts.

It's not such a big deal as these are repeated allegations which I have answered and proven wrong countless times already in my FaceBook posts and some in my previous articles on this newly set-up blog of mine.

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