The Crooked Way Indeed

Those who hate the status quo and are intent on overthrowing the government will stop at nothing in spinning their yarn to confuse Malaysians.

The latest blog post of a former newsman here (also featured here) begins with the tale of a sick child whose RM700 machine now costs RM742. The warped angle of the story distorted beyond measure must be highlighted so as to understand the hidden agenda of that short post.

What is most appalling is how another website reposted by manipulating the headline to Kadir: Millions suffering under GST, no Aidil Fitri cheer to stir the wrath of those who will be celebrating Raya next week.

1. The use of that scenario was to create pathos in readers so craftily that the 42RM increase in price (exactly 6%) can fan stronger anti-GST feelings in the minds of readers.

Now what that writer conveniently chose to omit is the rationale for GST.

GST was implemented as a tax reform programmed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing taxation system.

Internationally,  GST is a better tax system as it is more effective, efficient, transparent and business friendly. Apart from stirring economic growth, it has increased competitiveness in the global market.

GST generates a more stable source of revenue to the nation because it is less susceptible to economic fluctuations.

Due to the misinformation spread by the Opposition and some media, Malaysians perceive GST negatively.

Therefore, to use a sad tale of ONE family to state the current economic climate WITHOUT factoring other intra- and inter-causal economic effects is nothing short of irresponsible.

What we see is something more serious.

Those quarters who used to condemn media for criticising the government and then taking action against them seem to be working hand in glove with the very people they hated in the past - all because they have one common enemy - the status quo.

That they can feature such a lopsided and warped report is nothing short of irresponsibility and non-compliance to Code of Ethics for media and also Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Content Code, especially Section 7:

Content, which contains false material and is likely to mislead, due amongst others to
incomplete information is to be avoided. Content providers must observe measures outlined in specific parts of this Code to limit the likelihood of perpetuating untruths via the communication of false content.

7.2 Content is false where prior to communications reasonable measures to verify its truth have not been adopted or taken.

7.3 Content which is false, is expressly prohibited except in any of the following

(a) Satire and parody;
(b) Where it is clear to an ordinary user that the content is fiction.
7.4 Code Subjects must take all necessary steps outlined in the specific parts of this Code to limit the likelihood of provision of false Content. 
2. The twisted link between GST and hardship felt of masses completely ignored the current climate whereby Malaysia is NOT the only nation suffering from a slowdown.

Although economic dynamics in the ex-Japan Asia region were stable in Q1, with GDP expanding at the previous quarter’s annual rate of 6.2%, growth came in slightly below the 6.3% increase expected last month. 
In fact, most of the economies in the region fared worse compared to the previous quarter in Q1, including the region’s driving force China. 
Only India, Singapore and Thailand accelerated in the January–March period.  (Source: Here June 25th 2015)
You can see Singapore's National Debt HERE whilst that for Malaysia is HERE. Do not just compare the absolute figures but please remember the differences in terms of size and population. Perhaps then you can see things in a clearer perspective instead of through the warped lens of naysayers.

3. When Fitch ratings go up, they are unhappy and if otherwise, they are STILL unhappy. Nothing makes them happy until they topple the current government.

What can you say about such naysayers and spinners who have no scruples at all and would stoop to the lowest low just to run down this country and to inflict the greatest damage on our country's economy and the loyalty of Malaysians?

Well, those crooked villains push crooked pens for a crooked master!

"There was a crooked man," 

So, who is that crooked master with his crooked minions pushing crooked pens?

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