SR: PetroSaudi-1MDB is a G2G Joint Venture

No matter how handsome Jho Low is in this picture, don't look at him first. Focus your attention to the tall macho guy right next to him. PM Najib is tall but this guy is even taller than him. Who is he?

From left to right are Prince Turki, the owner of PetroSaudi; Jho Low, the mastermind of the joint venture; Prime Minister Najib Razak, the man in sole charge of 1MDB; his all powerful wife Rosmah Mansor; the couple’s son, Nor Ashman; Tarek Obaid, the Director of PetrSaudi and Rosmah’s favoured daughter, Nooryana Najwa.

Sarawak Report probably thought that by publishing pictures of Najib family together with Jho Low in August 2009 before the PetroSaudi-1MDB jJoint venture was signed will damage Najib's reputation.

Actually, the reverse is true.

Today, Sarawak Report proves conclusively once and for all that PetroSaudi is owned by Prince Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud.

In fact, Sarawak Report themselves wrote: "From left to right are Prince Turki, the owner of PetroSaudi; Jho Low..."

Prince Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud (born 21 October 1971) is a member of the House of Saud and the seventh son of late King Abdullah, the ruler of Saudi Arabia then. He served as deputy governor of Riyadh Province from 2013 to 2014 and as governor of Riyadh Province from 14 May 2014 to 29 January 2015.

PM Najib was introduced to Prince Turki by the late King Abdullah and told by the late King to work with his son's company when Najib went on a four-day official visit to King Abdullah in July 2009 - one month BEFORE these pictures of Najib with Prince Turki was taken.

In this meeting, King Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Saud had expressed the possibility of Saudi Arabia participating actively in Malaysia in the Islamic banking sector, expanding participation in the Islamic services and product manufacturing sectors and also raising its equity in the country.

Filepix shows Najib meeting King Abdullah in July 2009 - one month before Prince Turki and Najib took pictures on the yatch

As for Jho Low's involvement, everyone knows he helped founded TIA and appointed by the then Agong, and Sutlan Terengganu Tuanku Mizan.

Jho Low has long been known for his relationships with the Mid East royal families - even before Najib became PM - and also the reasons why Tuanku Mizan asked him to set up TIA.

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