SR: Nowhere to Run - Chapter 3: Hoodwinked!

What a blardy liar you are, Sarawak Report!

This time, you have gone too far in your latest post SENSATIONAL FINDINGS! - Prime Minister Najib Razak's Personal Accounts Linked To 1MDB Money Trail MALAYSIA EXCLUSIVE!

You and your accomplices have been the ones who sensationalised news from years ago when you found a firm partnership in a career of fraud with Cullen Johnson and Elaine White, both of whom are serving time in jail in US after being extradited. On what moral ground are you standing in your latest abominable accusation on Prime Minister Najib?

I am going to show Malaysians and the world, a nation and even those beyond our boundaries have been CONNED big time by Sarawak Report and their partners-in-crime.

Sarawak Report uses the SAME modus operandi of tendering falsifying records/documents in quite a few instances and the TRAGEDY is that MANY MALAYSIANS believed in these unverified documentation simply because they have been brainwashed into thinking that anything that runs down the PM or BN has to be true.

Behold, the facts that speak for themselves. At the end of this post, tell me honestly. Do you STILL believe in Sarawak Report?

Oh yes, Clare Rewcastle-Brown...Lim Sian See and I are still waiting for you to post your alleged three million emails. I dare you to post ALL 3 million emails with full email headers. Come on, bring them on. Post post post those 3 million emails!

If you fail to do so, it means it is another scam! Anyway, on with the story.


Who REALLY is Clare Rewcastle-Brown? Who is Cullen Johnson and what is his pivotal role in SR's malevolent scam agenda?

Let's start by getting to know Cullen Johnson and Elaine White. Then you will understand how Sarawak Report pulled off the greatest scam of this country, to have to read this damning article from Canadian Lawyer Mag (CLICK HERE) about Cullen Johnson and his wife  who billed themselves as experts in finding hidden money offshore in a divorce case between Eric Cunningham and his wife.


Two different judges in Cunningham’s divorce found there was no basis to the claim he had hidden any assets in offshore accounts. In a 2007 summary judgment, Justice Laurence A. Pattillo noted Cunningham’s “evidence establishes in my view, through independent third parties, that what was alleged by [his wife] (based on her private investigator’s reports) is not only not true, but in my view, fraudulent.”

So what went wrong? As it turned out, Blaneys had hired a Newmarket, Ont.-based private investigation firm called Internal Affairs, run by a husband and wife duo of Cullen Johnson and Elaine White, to conduct an asset sweep of Cunningham’s holdings on behalf of Joan Montgomery, Cunningham’s estranged spouse. Johnson and White billed themselves as experts in finding hidden money offshore. What Blaneys didn’t know, however, was White and Johnson were largely running a scam: Instead of producing genuine information, the private investigators simply manufactured much of it and charged clients tens of thousands of dollars for forged and bogus documents. 

In the case of Cunningham, they presented Blaneys with an impressive-looking 59-page, single-spaced dossier, replete with bank account numbers, dollar amounts, and wire transaction records — for the most part fiction. MORE HERE

According to this site:

HUNTSVILLE – Eric Cunningham, a former Hamilton MPP, died in his sleep on New Year’s day at his Huntsville home.

According to a Toronto Star article, Cunningham died just hours after he told a friend that the stress from long-running lawsuit he was involved in was going kill him.

A Hamilton native, Cunningham was a formal federal candidate for the Liberal Party, first elected to the Ontario legislature in 1975 as a Liberal MPP. He was re-elected in 1977 and 1981 and served until 1984.

Private investigators Cullen Johnson and Elaine White, who are currently serving time in the U.S. for money laundering, are accused of attracting clients by faking bank records that suggest relatives have hidden offshore money, the Toronto Star reported. (More here)

More evidence here: June 21, 2013Another court reversal for private detectives who defamed former Hamilton MPP

May 15, 2013: Former T.O cop and wife falsified investigation reports to courts

And now, ladies and and gentleman, the following will show....

What Cullen Johnson and his wife did to Cunningham was expertly repeated by Sarawak Report in the Mahmud Abu Bekir vs Shahnaz Abdul Majid divorce case.

Extract from Winifred Poh's article:

But it has quietly emerged that the whole thing was wrong. Not inaccurate. Not misguided, not exaggerated. The Swiss government, which has unlimited access to the Swiss banks, rejected the whole lot. 

There is no money in the Swiss banks. 

There never was.

How could so many people be wrong at the same time?

The stunning answer is that they made it up. 

Far away, in the Caribbean, the FBI finally extradited a Canadian, Cullen Johnson, who with his wife had been on the run from the US and Canadian police and a lot of very angry people because he had claimed that he could hack bank accounts, when in fact he was forging them instead, and selling the forgeries. He has admitted it. 

And shortly after the US authorities arrested him and seized his computers, the correspondence between him and Clare Rewcastle-Brown was leaked on the web. She has ranted about it, and as usual blames dark forces in Malaysia. But in doing so she has demonstrated that the material is the real thing.

Her correspondence showed Cullen Johnson and Rewcastle-Brown confiding in each other, as they tried to get Shahnaz Abdul Majid to hire him. Shahnaz lied to the Syariah Court in her divorce, claiming she knew these things to be true, though she was ten years separated from her errant husband. But she hadn’t, it appeared, known enough, so she was persuaded by her lawyers to use Cullen Johnson. 

And as soon as his forged material was uttered in court, Clare Rewcastle pops up and endorses it. And then she and the Bruno Manser Fund sent it round the world.

Well, Winifred is not the only one who attests to the criminal antics of SR and their ilk!

In March 2015, Blogtakes wrote:

Clare Rewcastle Brown is having great fun with selectively publicising stolen documents on her blog portal Sarawak Report.  She has been careful to tell MalaysiaKini that , “…I had neither forged nor hacked to get this material…”.  We are glad she made this clear.  That Clare didn’t forge or hack in this case is reassuring, though it doesn’t mean that the documents weren’t stolen.  They and clearly were, as the PetroSaudi complaint to the British Police makes clear. 
What is particularly ironic is that Clare Rewcastle has something of a history in this regard.   
She complained when HER documents were hacked and publicised a few years ago.    
She spoke against how the hackers went on to “…maliciously distort our emails and Skype messages, which are now being selectively published”.   So we can also feel safe in knowing that Rewcastle is neither distorting nor selectively publishing her own stolen material. 

And why was that hack so important today?   

Because it exposed her relationship and dealings with the forger, Cullen Johnson, currently in a Federal jail in the USA, when they were working together to try to get him hired by Shahnaz Abdul Majid, who needed to attack her ex husband.

Canadian Cullen Johnson was duly hired by the lawyers, and his forged report of extraordinary wealth and bank accounts was duly promoted in court by Shahnaz. She tells the judge that her former husband has 111 off shore accounts stacked in Colossal wealth. 

Clare Rewcastle, amazed by the revelations, beamed the news round the world, while her associate in Switzerland Bruno Manser Fund, arranged for an MP to articulate the massive off shore wealth in the Swiss Parliament, triggering further false headlines.

After an exhaustive investigation, the government of Switzerland announced in 2013 that the allegations were false. Well of course they were.  

They were a forgery, something that Rewcastle is now amazed about. 

It is an interesting pattern.  Massive “revelations” passed through Clare Rewcastle, which when duly ranted about by opposition politicians, trigger serious government investigations.   

And if you are STILL not convinced:

Check: This article and also this article.

Ohhhhhh the best is yet to come!!! The latest judgement of a very prominent case will give you the best proven evidence of HOW SARAWAK REPORT is full of shit.

And this time, there is evidence from a very prestigious court in another country!

Stay tuned for more in SR: Nowhere to Escape - Chapter 4 The Truth is Out



Think again...who helped Clare?

Now you can understand why the emails posted in her site are without email headers. Note how her posts are always written in passive voice whereby you never know who are her sources, and of course why she uses 'WE', 'US', 'OUR' and refers to Justo as a 'FORMER COLLEAGUE'. It all falls into place now and makes sense!

I have verified my sources against court trials, international websites, law sites etc.

What verification can Sarawak Report provide now? Lies and more lies? Yes, SR and her team hoodwinked so many from this nation without evidence but merely via unproven hearsay and documents obtained legally, which have been openly admitted by Justo to be stolen. And yet they still dare to make such daring baseless allegations?


All parties affected by SR lies from MUST JOIN HANDS and together report to Interpol and also to sue Sarawak Report!

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