SR: Nowhere to Run Chapter 7: The Charade is Over

This is the final document. Others in the know are experts in the field can do better I am sure but the bottom line is - please do not think the worst of our government. We do not have a perfect government, who does anyway?

But, there is still much to be thankful for and while there is still time, Malaysians must exercise damage control and try to build this nation to be a better place so that all, regardless of background, creed or colour, can have a beautiful place in the sun here.

As always, if you wish to share, do backlink. The series of SR: Nowhere to Run has to be read and understood in totality and there is more to come. Stay tuned.

So, who are behind all these tampered documents? Media must always verify before sharing and cannot use social media as a source of information. Interviews must be carried out directly with persons in each case. Articles should be written based on verified information and authentic sources.

Otherwise, everyone would be party to this charade, which I hope, will end. And, restoration will commence....for a better nation.

On with the story..

In the following diagram, I have combined the bottom portions of the three documents uploaded in WSJ.

Notes are within the diagram and in the following one as well.

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