Mahathir and the RM150 Billion Story

Journalistic scruples are being pushed to the wall following a series of exposes that implicated the Malaysian Prime Minister of out-and-out corruption. Set on conspiracy, the Wall Street Journal claims to have tracked an obscene amount of funds right up to Dato’ Seri Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts.

Najib was quick to respond with investigations and appears hot on the trail of a plot to depose him as Prime Minister. His attorneys have since undertaken to demand from the Journal its position on several issues that were raised in its editorials.

Alarm bells were triggered almost immediately after the articles went into circulation. The integrity of the entire Malaysian banking system was hung on the balance over prospects of a confidentiality breach that may have compromised parties directly or indirectly linked to 1MDB.

The reports implicated several companies, both local and foreign, as agencies through which Najib was insinuated to have siphoned some RM 2.6 billion into his personal accounts. But the terms of assessment by which the Journal blackened the name of the Prime Minister was never expressed to the hilt.

Investigators are now gritting their teeth trying to plug the leak of information. They have narrowed down those suspected of conspiring with the Journal to three bankers. The squealer is said to have infringed a non-disclosure contract by disposing confidential information to a third party, who may or may not be associated with the Journal.

Several sources close to Tun Dr. Mahathir seem to think that a conspiracy to posture Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin against Najib has been re-launched at full steam. The staggering heap of slander hurled against Najib since the days of Adam failed to trigger a much anticipated coup, which, of course, is the reason why Mahathir and his cohorts are now facing off with Najib in a ‘no holds barred’ poker match.

The former Prime Minister has begun to weave a web of conspiracy that is going way over the top. Mahathir has since accused Najib of just about anything and everything under the sun to overwhelm the latter and stupefy investigators. It is believed that Mahathir has that much to hide, and worries that skeletons may come crawling right out of his vaults should investigators dig too deep into 1MDB related accounts.

With that, Mahathir is rumoured to have sought the services of the aforementioned squealer to parcel out crumbs of information and fashion media frenzy. The sole purpose of the said pursuit was to lay a gambit designed to bury Najib before investigations into the 1MDB scandal blow into proportions even Mahathir wouldn’t be able to handle.

It was with these crumbs that the Journal worded its think on alleged conspiracies that involved the channelling of funds from 1MDB into charitable establishments that financed electoral campaigns for Najib.

The bush telegraph appeared to have a tap on a certain ‘Tun’ who may have architected a scheme to draw Najib to the guillotine in record time. However, it is not immediately apparent if the Tun that was being referred to was in fact Tun Dr. Mahathir. You see, the gossip vineyard appears to have a tack on another Tun, who was known to have been intimately involved with the Finance portfolio and circles that conformed to Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) highest rungs.

Be that as it may, it is unthinkable how anyone as foolish as Tony Pua could have been fingered by conspiracy theorists as being the ‘genius’ who crafted the Journal’s expose. The only kind of ‘genius’ I would ever associate Pua with is the kind that tells you ‘why a monkey would prefer a peanut over a banana’.

Why stop at 1MDB?

Mahathir’s touchy-feely antics over the future of UMNO did little to subvert the Najib administration. But the spate of lies and half-baked truths being spun like tops in social media appear to have delivered a niche to journalists with an opposition bent. These ‘political-assassins’ would go as far as the moon and probably a light-year further to sell their dignity and souls like prostitutes.

In light of the ‘no holds barred’ smear campaign against Najib, it remains imperative that investigators recognise a possible attempt by Mahathir and his cohorts to subvert the government of Malaysia and by extension, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The act of treason could well be construed as an attempt to sweep further under the carpet dirt the Mahathirian regime fears exposure of.

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