Why in the end must it always involve sex and blackmail? These Tan Sris must learn to keep their peckers in their pants. Have they not learnt by now that mixing boardroom business with the bedroom can end up with drastic results?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

If they think that the arrest of Xavier Andre Justo is going to stop the flow of information then they are wrong. Xavier is not the only source of information and putting him behind bars is not going to stop the leaks.

Anyway, as Sarawak Report said, they are already in possession of all the relevant documents and e-mails (if I am not mistaken they said six million documents and e-mails altogether) so they do not really need Justo any more.

Other than Justo, Sarawak Report and The Edge have got other sources, insider sources, which are providing confidential information to use in their effort to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

In fact, all Justo has or had is the information regarding the business arrangement between 1MBD and PetroSaudi International. That is the only deal he was involved in since he worked for PetroSaudi and not for 1MDB.

The leak is not just about PetroSaudi and its deal with 1MDB. It is about the entire 1MDB investment portfolio of RM42 billion (the PetroSaudi deal being just part of it), the RM2.6 billion of 1MDB’s money that was alleged to have been transferred to Najib’s personal bank account, and the RM2 million that was alleged to be in Rosmah Mansor’s bank account.

Justo does not know about all this other information because it has nothing to do with PetroSaudi. So Sarawak Report and The Edge do not depend just on Justo for information. Sarawak Report and The Edge have other sources other than Justo. And judging by the type of detailed information that they have it can only be insider sources and those close to the Special Task Force investigation or those within the Special Task Force itself.

This means if Najib is really guilty then he is in deep shit because if the Special Task Force or some of those within the Special Task Force are working against him then his goose is cooked — unless he is not guilty of all those allegations, of course.

I suspect that the problem Najib is facing is even if he is not be guilty and even though he can explain what is going on he is not at liberty to do so. To ‘clear the air’ means he would have to implicate many others — and knowing the way governments work there are certain things you cannot reveal to protect either national security or relations with other countries.

To be honest, though, I am just speculating here and am basing this assumption on the theory that Najib is not stupid enough to transfer RM2.6 billion into his personal bank account unless he needs to insulate the government or the country from something.

I am not suggesting that Najib is involved in clandestine deals or black ops or that the US or some other foreign power is transferring large sums of money to him so that he can help, say, finance the war on terror. What I am saying is that sometimes there are certain things you just cannot talk about.

But then it could simply be that Najib stole the money from 1MDB. We shall have to wait and see what the story is.

Anyway, that is not the issue. The issue is there are people inside the Special Task Force who are providing information to Sarawak Report and The Edge. And this is an even bigger problem for Najib than the matter of Justo.

And even if they block access to Sarawak Report they still have The Edge which they can use to continue whacking Najib with. So blocking Sarawak Report will not stop the attacks unless they can plug the leaks and flow of information that is coming out of the Special Task Force.

The Special Task Force is made up of a few agencies. And all these agencies such as Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC), the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), and so on, have access to information and reports regarding the investigation involving 1MDB. And, judging by the information that is being leaked, it can only come from them, not just from Justo.

The name of the person that keeps popping up in the centre of these leaks is that of yet another Tan Sri, Rashpal Singh A/L Jeswant Singh — once one of the advisers to the MACC who was removed due to certain breaches — who met Clare Rewcastle Brown in London last week (READ THE STORY HERE).

Rashpal Singh has links to Jessica Gurmeet Kaur D/O Nashattar Singh, a Singaporean citizen, who in turn has links to the Attorney-General, Gani Patail (READ THE STORY HERE).

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