Go away and Zip Up, You Hypocrite!


Written by Umar Mukhtar


By Umar Mukhtar

Stealing public funds in one’s custody for unauthorised purposes is wrong. And finding out the person or persons guilty of such acts is now ongoing and such person(s) must be dealt with appropriately.

Nobody should dispute that. We can dispute that the investigations are not proceeding the way it should be because the superior persons being investigated may interfere in its conduct.

Please cite proven examples of this happening, and not merely question the integrity of the personalities involved in the investigations and their offices.

To demand that the Prime Minister take leave to facilitate an unbiased investigation of unproven allegations, when he is not even being charged for any wrongdoing, is a bit over the top.

Even in the strict impeachment system practised in the United States of America, the impeachment process goes on without the President having to take leave.

Once if and when the public sense a cover-up by the investigators, we will act accordingly.

The options include a parliamentary vote of no confidence on the PM, up to even passing judgement at the polls. You will allude to the suspicions that even those options can be manipulated by those in power to frustrate the true desires of the people.

Do not under-rate the human spirit. Wisdom is not just your monopoly.

With that in mind, allow me to make my point in this and coming pieces.

My point is, please keep Mahathir from capitalising on this episode to cleanse himself from the unforgivable sins of destroying the nationhood we had inherited before he came to power.

It is important that we do that. He is estopped, on grounds of unmitigated past deeds that went unexamined and unpunished, unlike the present controversy which he wants to preside over.

He does not qualify.

Our exclusion of Mahathir will maintain our consistency as to what is right and what is wrong in building a nation, irrespective of when, how, why and who was involved when our nationhood was threatened and stunted.

To co-opt him now in any corrective action would give the impression to those who come after us that Mahathir is a paragon of virtue and that his despicable rule was acceptable and thus can be repeated by an aspiring devil.

What did he do?

Let me start in this piece with those that do not require judicial proof but mere observations of verifiable nature.

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