1MDB: The IGP Speaks


13 July 2015‎

‎1. The Attorney General on 8 July instructed for a full investigation into the criminal leaking to foreign nationals of classified documents. These materials are alleged to be from an unnamed Malaysian government investigation into 1MDB.

2. In addition, the Royal Malaysia Police have received police reports related to this matter. We are‎ therefore duty bound to conduct a full and independent investigation. ‎This will include investigating all members of the Special Task Force, which includes Bank Negara personnel, to maintain the integrity of the enquiry and trust in Malaysia's financial system.‎
3. This leakage of materials, whether the documents have been doctored or not, could trigger offences under the  Financial Services Act 2013 sections 133, 248, 249 and 250; the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 section 145; the Official Secrets Act 1972 sections 3, 4, 7A, 7B, 8, 11 and 14; the ‎Penal Code sections under chapter Xl for false and fabricated evidence and criminal defamation in sections 499 to 502; and could constitute economic sabotage against Malaysia. ‎

4. The objective of the Royal Malaysia Police investigation is to identify those who have leaked the material, and determine whether the documents are genuine or have been doctored - as in the case of Xavier Justo, who is being investigated by Thai authorities for blackmail and extortion. ‎

5. Anyone found guilty of leaking or doctoring ‎will face the full force of the law. ‎‎
6. These criminal acts are very serious and raise national security implications. The Royal Malaysia Police have not eliminated the possibility of a conspiracy to subvert Malaysia's democratic process and topple the Prime Minister.‎

Inspector General of Police ‎
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