Sarawak Report: More Lies?

I wish to draw to your attention Sarawak Report's latest post titled Open Letter To The Swiss Foreign Ministry In Bern; in particular, this part where it is written:

I strongly believe that this Swiss national is being made subject to revenge and harassment regarding a matter over which the Thai courts have no valid jurisdiction. 
I am concerned that corruption and or the misleading of the Thai authorities are behind this malicious arrest. 
News reports, which have been orchestrated by PetroSaudi in the Malaysian media but not appeared in Thailand or elsewhere, claim that items belonging to the arrested Swiss national Mr Xavier Justo have been seized. 
I am therefore also concerned that this company is using undue and illegal influence to try to obtain these materials through a seizure by the Thai Police.

I wish to refute the part in red bold font.

It is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE that the news of Xavier Justo's arrest has not appeared in Thailand or elsewhere.

Reports appeared in The Bangkok Post at THIS LINK.

There is also a report in Asia News Net at THIS LINK.

A statement from PetroSaudi also appeared at THIS LINK.

Even in the face of damning evidence, lies are still been spun.


A bloody liar and spinner indeed!

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