Sarawak Report: Desperadoes in Action

The chain of events in our country is now more exciting than any Academy Award winning movie, and does not come close to Furious 7 or even Timbuktu (2015).

Firstly, Sarawak Report has made so many disparaging remarks about all involved in 1MDB, PGI, Thai Police, NST and the list goes on.

Yet, they are threatening to sue others? Are they kidding?

Secondly, I wonder what sort of server they have to store the three million emails allegedly from PetroSaudi.

Errrrrr.....isn't it a cyber crime to stash company emails that belong to others?

Thirdly, despite my highlighting the need for email headers, their latest post once again does not show email headers for any of the purported emails.

In the court of law, such evidence is worthless. Please report to the relevant authorities, not on your website. I have already given you the contact details in my previous post.

Fourthly, in their lame and desperate attempt to defend themselves with all the artwork etc, *yawns*, they have done what others accused them of doing for all and sundry to see.

They wrote their comments IN those documents.

Hello....if that is not called tampering, what is tampering then, pray thee tell me?

Any comments should not be within the 'offending' document but outside...that is IF they are trying to prove the legitimacy of those documents.

But, they have not observed such guidelines.

Finally (till the next SR episode that is...), can a thief steal from another thief and proclaim that he is the saviour of the country? Can he argue that he is above all laws in this entire universe, faultless and blameless and only he and he alone is RIGHT, all others WROOONG?

Well, Robin Hood did that but under different circumstances. Even so, the Sheriff of Nottingham still pursued him.

The fact is, a theft is a theft. Keeping stolen goods is also a crime.

Now how about that, Sarawak Report?

Are you yearning for Saint Sarawak Report title to be bestowed upon you?

Or are you guys desperadoes in action?

Ooops, your panic state is showing because of the many errors in your post which never used to appear at all. What happened to the stiff upper lip?

Here are some of those glaring slips and verbose convoluted sentences which are most uncharacteristic of SR (perhaps the latest post was written by someone else) and possibly indicates your panicky mental state:

1. Most notoriously, (COMMA MISSING) the Home Minister Zahid Hamidi has claimed to told the press that this allegation proved that our reports were “intentionally spinning” and that facts had been “twisted”. 
Yet, (COMMA MISSING AGAIN) we can show in precise detail how these comments can be proved to be entirely untrue. 
Our proof has been obtained by We examininged the evidence on which the company PetroSaudi, (which is behind the allegations)  based its claims.
Thus is was that on Tuesday, COMMA MISSING staff from the UMNO owned newspaper New Straits Times were transported to Bangkok, in order to photograph the staged arrest of an alleged PetroSaudi whistleblower, whom they claimed was the source of millions of emails that have provided Sarawak Report information about siphoning of billions of ringgit from 1MDB.

Oh boy! That was a mouthful of a run-on sentence. Please tell it clearly such as:

On Tuesday, ??? (WHO?) flew staff from the UMNO owned newspaper New Straits Times  to Bangkok to photograph the staged arrest of an alleged PetroSaudi whistleblower.
What a bizarre allegation!

It confounds me how Sarawak Report thinks NST is so into photography these days that they would be interested to allow someone (who???) to fly their staff/ or that they flew their staff to photograph the 'staged arrest' of the alleged whistleblower.

Their sentence is slyly written in the passive voice. Who flew NST staff there is deliberately ambiguous!

Look here. if you want to join Hollywood, go ahead. Attend movie scripts classes. Submit your scripts to producers.

But what SR is now brainlessly churning out in their site may not even make it to Grade C movies.

Sarawak Report certainly has a very imaginative mind to suggest that scenario because they are implying that the Thai police and other professionals were part of this conspiracy.

So all of them had scripts to follow? Pray tell when were the rehearsals because if indeed what SR alleged is true, there must have been rehearsals for them to play by cue and to 'stage' the whole arrest scene.

So who were the directors, producers, scriptwriters, props personnel, lighting and cameramen? Please enlighten us, Sarawak Report.

I hope the Thai authorities are reading this and reporting this matter to Interpol.

Such an allegation is very damaging.

To allude that those policemen and spokesmen from PGI were partners in this conspiracy all colluding to support 1MDB?

Are you joking?

Come on. Pass the popcorn while we all wait for Sarawak Report to post all those three million emails in their website and fill in the details of their blockbuster spectacular Justo conspiracy movie.

Bring it on, baby!

In the mean time, while we are waiting for those 3 million emails to be published (FULL HEADER PLEASE), here's a very interesting post by Lim Sian See:

Sarawak Report: Did you just fall into a trap?

In response to a specific example given by Protection Group International (PGI) which says a certain document has been tampered with, Sarawak report just made a post showing two copies of the same document which they allege that it was the one meant referred to by PGI.

Sarawak Report admits PGI allegations that at least ONE document had been modified.

Specifically with regards to this one file, Sarawak Report says "A simple examination of the so-called “meta data” identifying this document from our original report does indeed show that it was opened by Xavier Justo (‘xavierj’) on January 17th 2013.

However, Sarawak Report in detail claims, at least for the purpose of this document, there is "No Difference! - We Prove How The Allegations Of "Tampering" Are Lies".

However, I am of the opinion that with this ill-advised post by Sarawak Report, they have essentially screwed themselves.

Yummy, Is that a trap?

Sarawak Report essentially condemned Xavier Justo as the source of the data theft - essentially confirming his guilt. I am sure Xavier is none too happy about this.

Sarawak Report essentially confirmed that at least one file has been modified by Xavier Justo but there was no change in this one document. But what about the dozens or so documents and emails that Sarawak Report has already published? Can they similarly confirm that all such documents have not been tampered with, modified and the contents substantially changed prior to being passed to Sarawak Report or changed by Sarawak Report? Remember now that the Police have a copy of those files and can easily compare with PetroSaudi's original files.

Sarawak Report also essentially condemned themselves of being in possession of stolen documents passed on or sold by a suspected criminal, Xavier Justro. No matter how you cut it, Xavier Justro is guilty of data theft. Whether he is guilty of blackmail or tampering with stolen property or for selling stolen property remains to be seen. It is more likely than not that the person(s) behind Sarawak Report will be found guilty and end up in jail.

Now that Xavier has been condemned and guilt proven by Sarawak Report, he is likely to feel betrayed. Hence is more likely than before to fully cooperate with investigations and happily point out those involved in this chain of data theft and show which documents, if any, that he has tampered with and by how much.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think that PGI and PetroSaudi has probably laid a trap for Sarawak Report - which they gladly fell into.

Whilst I am not a legal expert but Sarawak Report's threat to sue others for libel based on stolen property that they themselves say have been modified (but no change) seems a bit far-fetched and unlikely.

You committed a crime which you just admitted to and you still want to sue for reporting on your crime?

In the meantime, I still believe that Sarawak Report has not told us the full story of the PetroSaudi-1MDB dealings and have deliberately and very selectively released only a dozen or so documents to paint and manipulate a story to point to songlap or conspiracy to cheat money.

Since Sarawak Report has said that it has 3 million emails from PetroSaudi, perhaps they should release all of it for our consumption and allow us to understand the full story of this transaction with 1MDB, understand PetroSaudi's business and the real persons behind PetroSaudi.

For months, we have been led to believe that PetroSaudi is a shady shelf company with little assets and business and conned 1MDB into doing business with them but now it appears the truth is coming out that PetroSaudi is indeed a sizable company with Saudi royal connections and ownership.

Here is the story of how Tony Blair, the ex-Prime Minister of Britain signed a contract with PetroSaudi who are "founded by senior member of Saudi royal family".

Deal: Tony Blair in 2010 with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, right. Mr Blair signed a contract with PetroSaudi, a firm founded by his son

Now it appears PetroSaudi is no small or shelf company with no assets and no liability. Heck, according to Sarawak Report, it has 3 million emails! No small company is able to amass 3 million emails. It would take you 10 years if you create 1,000 emails each and every day.

In the name of transparency and fairness, I think Sarawak Report should release all the 3 million emails that they have to allow the public to fairly judge PetroSaudi and their dealings with 1MDB.

After all, the PAC, BNM and Auditor-General will soon tell us the full story anyway - complete with full documentation and proof.

And plus, the two international auditors KPMG and Deloitte had given the troubled company a clean bill of health and already told the PAC that they fully stand behind their audits.

Although Tun Mahathir did advise the public not to trust auditors - even if both auditors are the biggest names in the world and any failure by either one or both of them would be of world-wide consequences and probably would be double the impact of Enron.

Heck, CBS even made a movie out of Enron,  Here, watch the trailer.

Perhaps if both KPMG and Deloitte also screwed up, a movie about 1MDB will also be made about it since it will create world-wide history?
On a separate note, I'd like to advise Tun Mahathir that he was wrong when he cannot rule out that Thailand govt conspired with "very clever people" in Malaysian Govt to blacken his face and saying that "What makes me puzzled is that he didn't commit a crime in Thailand. He committed the crime in Saudi Arabia.  Usually, other countries don't care unless he is a terrorist,"
Xavier was resident in Thailand for many years and when he blackmailed PetroSaudi or sold the data, he was in Thailand - hence he commited a crime in Thailand.
Going by Tun's logic, it cannot be that if a Swiss man kills a Spanish man in a fight in Thailand, the Thai police cannot arrest or charge him and only the police in Spain can since the victim is a Spain citizen?
If you are in another country, you must abide by the law in that country - and that includes no blackmail, extortion or selling of stolen property or data.
Okay.. let's get back to the main topic.

Come on, Sarawak Report. Do the right thing before you go to jail.

Publish all the 3 million emails.
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