Is this Mukhriz for Real?

Lim Sian See writes:

Is this Mukhriz for real? His lying skills need to be brushed up if he is to reach the dizzying cheat-own-self heights of his father.

(Dad just told Singapore press that no one ever protested against him and demanded he resign as PM - even though the 1987-88 Ku Li-Musa and 1998-2003 Reformasi fights were so well documented)

Mukhriz tried to deflect the Press secretary's statement saying that Mahathir wants Mukhriz to be Prime Minister, which Mukhriz denied he has no such ambition.

In reply to this denial, the PM's Press Sec asked a simple question:

"Why contest for UMNO VP if you don't harbour any ambition to be Prime Minister?"

Instead of answering the question directly, Mukhriz gave 3 reasons - all of which tak boleh pakai.

1st reason. I am only an ADUN and not a MP. The PM (whoever that person is) won't elect me as Senator for me to take over his place as PM.

- This is an absolutely idiotic reply. Firstly, no one said you must become PM straight-away. The allegation was that Mahathir wanted you to be PM eventually and pave the way for you using people like Muhyiddin.

- Mukhriz was MP for Jerlun before in 2008 and no one said that you cannot contest back as a MP in 2018 should Najib be forced to surrender the President post to Muhyiddin or someone else. So no need to talk about senator nonsense.

2nd reason: Being a Vice-President does not guarantee that you will become President and then PM.

Dude, you for real? Yes, being VP does not guarantee you that you will become President/PM but NOT being VP basically means your task to become President is much tougher. Being VP is A positive step towards president. Not Being VP is a negative step.

Yes another rubbish reason.

3rd reason: You don't have to be a Yang Berhormat (YB) to contest Vice President post.

Among the three idiotic answers, this is the most idiotic answer and does not even dignify a reply.

It's like saying you don't have to be any smart to be Mahathir's son.

What are you talking about? DUH!

Just be honest and say that yes, I want to be PM because my father wants for me to be PM.

And that is why my father was very angry when I lost in 2013 and blamed Najib and UMNO. He also threw a tantrum after I lost and quit Petronas just a month later and he then plotted and planned to remove Najib after that.

Some honesty would be great instead of 3 absolutely stupid reasons.


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